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A full bike service can be a good way to check many things in one booking if you feel your bike is generally good with one or two faults only it is always quicker to have the bike booked in as a repair. 

You can drop your bike in on Tues, Wed, Fri 1 pm - 6 pm

and Sat 10 am - 4 pm


I will check the following when you drop off your bike for a Tune Up or Service which will give you a guide to the final price, 



Chain wear

Cassette/Freewheel life

Chainring wear

If degreasing is required

Wheels & Tyres

Play in Hubs/Headset/Bottom Bracket

General wear/damage


A Cycloservices Bike Service costs

£60.00 + Parts + Fitting/Repairs

Advised every 12 months/2000 miles 


Your bike will receive a safety check

All parts tightened to correct torque

All parts lubricated

Hubs checked for smooth rotation/play

Headset checked for smooth rotation/play

Bottom bracket checked smooth rotation/play

Cables checked and lubricated

Gears set up and fine-tuned

Brakes set up and fine-tuned

Wheels trued/Tyres inflated

Clean and polish

Tune Up

£30.00 + Parts + Fitting/Repairs

  Your bike will receive a safety check and tighten

Gears adjusted and lubricated 

Brakes adjusted and lubricated

Tyres checked and inflated


In a Tune Up Service adjustments are made to improve the function of your bike within the limits of current wear and tear

In the Bike Service if a good level of performance cannot be achieved parts will be replaced making this level of service more expensive but returns your bike to a newer state


Always think ahead if you require your bike serviced during the summer months as these times are often busy, booking your service 3 weeks in advance helps.












Services Offered

- General Repairs

- Servicing

- Wheel Truing/Building

- Cleaning

- Your Online Parts Fitted

- Boxed Bikes Built

- Custom Bike Building

Payments by cash or card


TUESDAY 1pm - 6pm

WEDNESDAY 1pm - 6pm

FRIDAY 1pm - 6pm

SATURDAY 10am - 4pm


Contact Info

113b Reepham Road


Tel: 01603 416764

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